re:generation meets at 6:30 p.m. every Monday in the Student Building.
Please join us!

If you have any questions about re:gen, please email us at .

Recovery at WoodsEdge

re:generation is a biblically based discipleship program offering healing, recovery, and freedom from any type of struggle. Through re:generation, people are experiencing freedom from addictions, past hurts, and destructive patterns. We all have struggles to overcome. Whether big or small, these destructive thoughts and habits hold us back from the life we want and the life God has called us to. Change is possible! Come experience a better way to live.

re:generation meets from 6:30-8:30 p.m. in the Student Building. Re:generation is an ongoing ministry. You can begin at any time of the year.

What is robbing you of joy? What are you struggling with? Complete this Struggle Finder survey to gain insight into areas in your life you may need freedom from.

Struggle Finder

The truth is that we all struggle and experience brokenness in our lives. Whatever it may be, the good news is, there’s hope! Check out the testimonies below of people who have struggles just like you and are taking steps to find freedom.

Childcare will be available for children ages birth-12. Please be sure to register your children for childcare using the link below.

There is a registration cost, but scholarships are available if necessary. You do not need to register before attending, just join us any Monday night to learn more about re:gen.


2024 dates that re:generation will not meet:
May 27
September 1
November 25
December 23
December 30

If you are a re:generation leader or mentor looking for access to the watermark resources page, Click Here to go to that page. If you are a new mentor and you would like to request access to the watermark page, please email .

Mentor Documents:

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re:gen Testimonies

Joey: Freedom from fear of failing, disappointing people, and people pleasing

Joey shares how God is healing him from his fear of failing and disappointing people and people pleasing.

Ken: Freedom from pornography and same-sex attraction

Ken shares how God is healing him from his struggle with pornography and same sex attraction.

Dezi: Freedom from fear, insecurity, and shame

Dezi shares how God is healing her from her fear, insecurity and shame.

Klein and Holly: Freedom individually as well as together in marriage

Klein and Holly Swannie share about their experience finding freedom individually as well as together in marriage.

re:gen Teachings

Zacchaeus: Joey Swenson

Joey Swenson teaches about how Jesus came to seek and save the lost.

Shame: Ken Brink

Ken Brink teaches about the destructive nature of shame.

Ministers of Reconciliation: Joyce Zetterberg

Joyce Zetterberg teaches about what it means to be ministers of reconciliation.

Lens of Gratitude: Joey Swenson

Joey Swenson shares about a painful experience and learning to see it through a lens of gratitude.