The JOYBridge Special Needs Ministry at WoodsEdge provides the opportunity for people with ability differences, and their families, a safe and loving community in which to discover their true, authentic identity and purpose in Jesus. By allowing others to see that God has given every person He created a purpose we can help others see ability differences with Mighty eyes; eyes that see the Holy Spirit in those he made. In doing so we can lend strength to, not just the person with the disability, but also their family, peers, our community, and ultimately, God’s Kingdom.

At JOYBridge, we are intentional about building community which is why we ask all our prospective new families to contact the ministry director before coming on a Sunday morning.  This allows us to get to know you and our future participant!  Your child/student/adult will have the opportunity to see the ministry in its calm state and have the opportunity to meet some of the team. Email to schedule a time to meet with us today! You’ll find the New Family Packet attached here on the web site.  Please complete and submit so we can best serve our new ministry participant.

For more information or to schedule an appointment please contact:

Melodie Chandler
JoyBridge Ministry Manager

Welcome Letter/Parent Partnership (COMING SOON) Participant Questionnaire

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