Covid Updates

Starting August 24 we will begin a journey to "Pray with One Accord." As the church, we desire to be a unified body of Christ-followers in both heart and in mind. That is what is means to pray "with one accord." Prayer changes things. This season, no matter how you're joining us, we want to pursue harmony through our prayers to the Father. Join us as we pray through the following topics for the next five weeks. God hears our prayers. God answers our prayers. We wait in hopeful expectation for God to move in big ways. 

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At WoodsEdge our mission is to Love Jesus, Journey Together and Bring Hope to the World. We have a place for everyone. 

At WoodsEdge, we believe prayer is the real work, and it is our greatest privilege to journey with you in prayer. We gather for a prayer service every Wednesday at 7 p.m. and we would also like to pray for you during the week. To submit a prayer request or to find out more about our Prayer Ministry, click the button below.

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At WoodsEdge, we give because our Father first gave to us. He gave us his perfect Son who died on a cross for our sins. From an outpouring of our praise also comes the personal act of giving, which is both sacrificial and biblical.


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