WoodsEdge Institute exists to equip servant leaders to advance the Kingdom of God through the local church.


God’s Word tells us we are called to make disciples and that pastors and teachers in the church are called to equip the saints to do that work. While formal education has great value, we believe that the time and cost should never be a barrier to people in the church being equipped to be effective in ministries. We|Institute is for those who are either already engaged in discipling others or have a desire to be equipped for ministry. The Institute exists not just for learners, but doers of the Word.


 Sunday mornings | 10 Weeks
Spring courses begin February 4
Core Doctrines

Taught by Anthony Bocciardi | 9 a.m. 
What does it mean to be a Christian? What are things every Christian should know? Core Doctrines aims to teach the foundational truths of what Christians believe, from who God is, to how the story of reality ends. We'll tackle some mind-blowing ideas and wrestle with insidious heresies that still attack the church today.

Old Testament Survey

Taught by Cayli Pankratz | 9 a.m.
What is the big story of the Old Testament? Is the Old Testament still relevant today? What does the Old Testament have to do with the bigger story of Jesus and the Bible? Join us as we walk through scripture and experience the Old Testament like never before. 


The cost of registration for each course is $30 and covers the cost of the curriculum and booksThere is no application fee. For more information on each class, times, dates, and to register, please click the registration button below. If you have additional questions, contact Liv Miller at 

*If you are concerned about your ability to pay, please let us know. Scholarships are available if needed.