Foundation Groups are small groups for newly married couples under the age of 35 that have been married for 6 years or less. An experienced mentor couple will lead a small group of about 4-6 young couples through a 15-month curriculum. As these couples journey together, they establish a biblical foundation for marriage, grow in oneness with their spouse, experience healthy community, and learn what it means to bring hope to the world with their marriage.

Typically, these groups meet once a week in the home of one of the couples. Being a part of a Foundation Group will require some reading and “homework” that is to be done before the group. The curriculum of Foundation Groups covers:

    • Community

    • A Biblical View of Marriage

    • Communication & Conflict

    • Finances & Stewardship

    • Physical Intimacy

If you are interested in being a part of a Foundation Group, or if you are interested in leading a group, click the button below to let us know.