Jesus modeled a process and principles, under the power of the Spirit, for his disciples to follow so that they would know how to carry on his work. Likewise, every believer today needs to be equipped with a process to follow and simple tools that will help to multiply every step and carry on his work. 


Multiplying Hope

Multiplying Hope is an opportunity to equip, empower, and partner with people on their healing journey from past hurts through multiplying Kingdom communities.

Unaddressed trauma creates barriers to hearing, understanding, and accepting the love of God. It can keep someone from truly hearing the gospel and creates barriers to spiritual growth.

Multiplying Hope creates an environment for healing and growth that starts with gathering participants into biblically-based healing communities that last for seven weeks. Although healing cannot take place in seven to ten simple sessions, this is the beginning of the journey. Whether entering a community to support you in your journey or seeking leadership development, we want people to find healing, community, faith, and purpose so they can flourish.


If you would be interested in joining a seven-week Multiplying Hope Community or would like to be trained to facilitate a community, contact Kelli Caskey at .

 "What you meant for evil; God meant for good. Not just so I might be saved, but for the salvation of many."  -Joseph, to his brothers in Genesis

The vision for Prison Discipleship at WoodsEdge is to equip incarcerated men and women to effectively communicate their faith, to become disciple-making disciples, and to plant simple churches that will multiply throughout the entire Texas Department of Criminal Justice. We currently offer two different options for ministry listed below.

Prison Discipleship Trainer

Trained Volunteers will have the opportunity to facilitate training classes inside and coach inmates as they become practitioners. Volunteer Orientation through the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) is required for those who want to serve inside the units regularly. Those who would like an opportunity to simply visit a class inside a unit may do so as a special volunteer up to 3 times per year. Please contact Kristin Funderburg at for instructions on completing the process to become an approved volunteer or to visit as a special volunteer. 

Correspondence Program

If you would like to engage those who are incarcerated, but are unable to go inside units, there is an opportunity to participate in a correspondence program through WoodsEdge. It is a great encouragement to those who are incarcerated to be able to interact with the outside world, and many do not have someone who is able and willing to write them regularly. This is a great opportunity to disciple as well as simply provide encouragement and prayers through letters. Please contact Kristin Funderburg at for instructions on completing the process to become an approved volunteer or to visit as a special volunteer.