The Hope Center food pantry is proud to partner with The Houston Food Bank and provide clients with a Client Select pantry.

A Client Choice Pantry allows clients to select their own food instead of receiving a pre- packed or standard bag of groceries. With this method, clients do not have to take items they already have, do not like, or cannot eat for health or personal reasons.


Imagine your family needs food. You have a few food items at home, but it is not enough to make complete meals for the next few days. You decide you need to visit a food pantry. When you arrive at the food pantry, you are handed a pre-packed or standard bag with some items you already have at home. There are also some items your family does not like. You’re not sure what to do with the food. If you had been able to select the foods you need and liked, you could have added to your pantry at home to make your meals go further and last longer.

  • Limits food waste - customers take food they will use and leave the rest for others
  • Makes ordering easier - pantries know what popular food to stock
  • Upholds the dignity of clients
  • Meets client's health needs
  • Makes clients feel like they are food shopping for their own food and needs
  • Helps pantry staffs get to know clients better

Hours of Operation

Tuesdays: 5 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.
Wednesdays: 11 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.

How To Prepare For Your First Visit

Clients may visit the pantry once a week. Upon arrival, you will be entered into an online system connected with the Houston Food Bank. Please bring a form of ID if you have one. Proof of citizenship is not required. Please arrive within the operating hours. If arrival time is within 15 minutes of closing, you will be provided with a prepackaged box of food.

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