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    We are dedicated to serving children with special needs and their families. We believe that individuals with special needs are created in God's image and are cherished gifts from Him. We believe the church has a responsibility to love, teach, and minister to those with disabilities and their families and we consider this a privilege to do so. Special Hearts is not just serving these individuals buy empowering them to become vital members of the Body of Christ. 

    Birth - High School
    We offer 3 classrooms on Sunday mornings to accommodate unique learning styles and developmental stages. Our curriculum is fun and engaging and meets the needs of each child helping them to hear God's word in exciting ways.

    We offer loving environments with caring volunteers where our special needs children participate in praise and worship, Bible stories, and a variety of fun and interactive activities where they experience the love of Jesus. 

    For more information please contact:
    Arielle Lewis
    Special Needs Ministry Director