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    WINGS helps incarcerated women discover and embrace their identity in Christ while learning essential skills necessary to meet the challenges of life. They provide a seven-module series on how to complete a job application, create a resume, interview for a job, manage money, and create an individual customized plan for success when released from incarceration. The program is very practical, but faith-based and emphasizes the importance of building a personal relationship with Jesus, finding a church home when released, and starting/continuing a discipleship journey.

    For more information, contact Cindy at


    The 7more family meets ex-offenders being released back into society at the greyhound bus station with not only fresh clothes, shoes, and bags, but also a fresh start. On top of immediate needs, 7more also provides ongoing resources and information over the following weeks to point the ex- offenders towards stable work and housing. Come help us greet these ex-offenders as a church family! Must be 18 or older to volunteer.

    To get involved, email Josh & Debs Walker at 


    At the Navasota Men's Pack Unit, women and men of WoodsEdge minister to officers on duty, tutor inmates who cannot read, teach ESL, evangelize, disciple, mentor, and host special spiritual events. Volunteers are needed in all of these areas, and we are always open to creative ways to serve the inmate population. Must be 18 or older to volunteer.  

    For more information contact Guy Caskey at .

    Armatus Reintegration Program

    Armatus provides justice-involved veterans with access to the best evidence-based curriculum that addresses PTSD, domestic violence, anger management, parenting, codependency, and job training.

    To serve, contact Rick Pritchard at .