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    There are seasons in all our lives where we could benefit by talking through the complexities of life with someone else. WoodsEdge desires to provide our church family with the opportunity to discuss those challenges with biblically based trained Christian lay counselors. Lay Counselors do not take the place of a professional counselor; rather this is a place to seek resolution for issues before they become large and complex. The lay counselor team is a group of individuals who are gifted, trained and feel called to walk alongside the body of Christ during times of trial. Our lay counselors have completed in depth training and undergo continuing education and supervision. They will operate under the same code of ethics as professional counselor to ensure a safe and confidential environment.

    Questions:   or 281-290-4762


    Cost is $20 for the first session, $10 for each subsequent session. These fees are not tax deductible and go to offset the cost of the lay counseling ministry.