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    An imaginative popular TV show on Channel One for Infants - PreK. During Early Childhood, we believe it’s important for young children to begin to understand that God is a friend who loves them, wants to talk with them through prayer, and will comfort and guide them.  Teaching these important truths begins with a safe, loving environment.

    Each week our youngest kids learn an age-appropriate lesson from a story in God's word.  More importantly, we reinforce that the Bible is God's word and we know that the stories are true because they are God's words.  Kids will experience exciting teaching, engaging worship, and hands-on, active Bible learning.

    Our lessons center around three principles that we want our youngest ones to understand before they enter elementary.

    1.     God loves me.

    2.     God made me.

    3.     Jesus wants to be my friend forever.

    Jungle Jam is an imaginative popular TV show on Channel One for our Older 2’s – PreK. This fun and engaging large group environment includes a time for kids to learn from God's word and to worship together. We believe children enjoy openly expressing their love for who God is and praising Him for His amazing creation through music. Jungle Jam provides just the right environment for them.

    If you have any questions about our Early Childhood Ministry, contact Cindy Platt, Early Childhood Pastor