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    The term “Insider Movement” means different things to different people. Our position on Insider Movements, and the people we work with in them, is thoroughly rooted and vetted by the truth of God’s Word as our guide, with no compromise to the deity and lordship of Jesus.

    Rebecca Lewis, in her article, “Promoting Movements to Christ within Natural Communities”, has defined an Insider Movement as “any movement to faith in Christ where the gospel flows through pre-existing communities and social networks, and where believing families, as valid expressions of the Body of Christ, remain inside their socioreligious communities, retaining their identity as members of that community while living under the Lordship of Jesus Christ and the authority of the Bible.” We believe that an Insider Movement approach to reaching people for Jesus, with no compromise on the gospel or any other biblical truth, is effective and biblically valid. Biblical examples of people who followed Jesus, yet stayed connected to the culture of their community are: the woman at the well in John 4, the demoniac in Mark 5, Lydia in Acts 16, Cornelius in Acts 10 and others.

    For further information on the subject, we recommend watching:  Kingdom Tree.  We also suggest reading: Promoting Movements to Christ within Natural Communities by Rebecca Lewis;  Insider Movements: Honoring God-Given Identity and Community by Rebecca Lewis;  God's Amazing Diversity in Drawing Muslims to Christ by Joshua Massey.