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    If you have thought or prayed about going on a short-term mission trip, we would love to give you the opportunity to go.  Short-term mission trips offer the best opportunity for a new perspective on God’s heart for the nations.  Our vision is to see every member of WoodsEdge participate in a short-term trip each year by praying, giving or going.

    We host frequent trips to many of our focus countries, including Ecuador, Malawi, and Spain.  In addition we also send teams to serve alongside our partner ministries overseas, and to help bring relief in crisis situations.  If you, your family or your small group are interested in attending an upcoming short-term mission trip, please fill out the trip application form below.

    Short-Term Trip Leader Dinner
    Short-term trip leader application



    GUATEMALA MEN’S | Spring | Approx. cost: $1600

    We will spend 4 days building 1-2 simple houses for single parent families in a rural village.


    GREECE | Internship- 3 months | Approx. cost: $2500
    You will be serving and ministering to Refugees in the city of Athens.


    SPAIN | Summer | Approx. cost: $2200
    Prayer walking, teaching ESL, and participating with the long term WE team in their discipleship activities, in one of the most culturally diverse areas of Madrid.


    KENYA | Summer | Approx. cost: $2000
    Spending time with the children at Into Abba's Arms orphanage, outside of Nairobi, and teaching in local schools.


    GUATEMALA FAMILY | Summer | Approx. cost: $1100 per family member
    A family trip suitable for 6 years and up depending on maturity. We will be serving at an orphanage, being the hands and feet of Jesus.


    GERMANY | Summer | Approx. cost: $1900
    An American style baseball camp in Bielefeld. We will play baseball all day then have services most evenings to aid our German friends in sharing the gospel with their community. 


    MALAWI | Summer | Approx. cost: $2500

    We will participate in community development activities, focused on instructing the locals to make products that are sustainable using resources available.


    TEENSTREET, GERMANY | Summer | Approx. cost: $1600
    Join other teens from around the world praising and worshipping the Lord. Serve in the city through art, dance and learning seminars.  Adults needed as chaperones!


    INDIA | Fall | Approx. cost: $2650
    We will be serving at a camp in southern India, WE partners with a local NGO to bring restoration to young women rescued from human trafficking.


    For more information email Linsey Kunes at

    Please note: All proposed trips are subject to possible change and/or cancellation in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

    Trip Application Form