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    Disciple Making

    Local Disciple Making Movements

    2414 Collation

    2414 is a global coalition praying and working together to start kingdom movements in every unreached people and place by 2025

    This coalition will seek to better unify the Church and coordinate resources in the most strategic manner to accelerate the spread of the gospel through kingdom movements. Steve Smith is the overall leader along with Stan Parks of this initiative.

    Digital Bible Society

    DBS is a world-class organization that collects and distributes Christian education information in many languages. Their leader, Ken Bitgood is a member of WoodsEdge. They have provided excellent solutions for us by providing audio bibles in Chichewa and Yao language.


    This course has been uniquely designed to help you discover your highest calling and challenges all who participate to live out the values of the Kingdom of God on a daily basis. Whether in the context of work, family or play, at home or abroad, we want to empower you to thrive within your community and to make disciples who will then go out and make disciples of their own. Carol Snell//   

    Kingdom Dog Ministries

     Kingdom Dog Ministries is a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching obedience and spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the unique use of Labrador Retrievers. Using dogs as a visual illustration, KDM blends humor with simple and timeless biblical truths to show the power of obedience in the life of the believer. Our desire is that you will both learn the power of obedience and gain a desire for a life of submission to Jesus Christ.
    Hank Hough//  // 

    7 More

    7 More is a kingdom community-based in Houston, Texas, serving all over the world. We have a deep desire to see Jesus' Kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven, to see young people released and freed up to use all of the gifts and passions that they were created to use.
    Josh & Debs Walker// 


    A worldwide ministry that works primarily on school campuses doing evangelism and discipleship.


    There are 4.1 billion people in the world who still need a gospel witness. Houston is ranked #1 in the US as a refugee resettlement destination.

    Most international students who study in the U.S. are from places in the world where they have little to no access to the gospel.  80% of International Students never get invited into an American's home while studying here.

    Global Media Outreach ( Internet Evangelism)

    Become an online missionary and disciple-maker with a ministry that witnessed 26 million people come to faith in 2012. 

    Frontiers ( Global)

    With love and respect, inviting all Muslim people to follow Jesus.

    Mission Catalyst International ( 10/40 Window)

    Mission Catalyst International, INC is an inter-denominational mission’s organization which equips and mobilizes indigenous church-planters and missionaries from the Majority World to more effectively evangelize the least reached peoples of the earth with the Gospel of Jesus.

    Oasis Cultural Center ( Spain)

    The Oasis Center is a ministry which brings the gospel and Christ’s love to a large Muslim Community of 200,000 in Madrid, Spain and mobilizes and trains new workers each year.

    Revival Sports( Russia, Eurasia, Houston)

    We would love for you to partner with us in this dynamic ministry that uses sports to build relationships and start disciple making movements with unreached people groups in Houston and all over the world.

    Wings Like Eagles

    Join in the ministry of Rick and Suzanne Seifert as they connect with International Students in the local and Houston area.

    Hope 4 Burundi

    Hope4Burundi is a non-profit mission organization whose goal is to share the hope of Christ with the people of Burundi and see the country restored by partnering with local Burundi Christian leaders who are impacting their country.Our desire is to address the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of this country known as “The Heart of Africa” that has suffered much from waves of internal conflict which have resulted in poverty, vulnerability to disease, restricted access to education and an abundance of widows and orphans. Pray for Burundi.
    John Crews//