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    Help us make Christmas a reality for hundreds of children. Help is needed to provide gifts, sort and package by picking up an ornament off the Christmas Giving Trees in the foyer. Gifts will be collected on November 19.

    CHRISTMAS STORE: Volunteers
    Empowering WoodsEdge families in need with a cost effective, exciting and warm shopping experience. We need volunteer shoppers, decorators, stockers, gift wrappers. You can sign-up now by clicking on the Volunteer button below!  Financial donations are welcome. 
    If you are a family in need and would like to Register to shop at the Christmas Store, please select "Apply to Shop".
    CONTACT: Care Ministry with Vicki at   

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why has WoodsEdge gone to a Christmas Store for their church family?
    We desire to remove the stigma associated with charity which can cultivate feelings of inferiority and low self-esteem.  Our hearts desire at WoodsEdge is to provide opportunities for those in need to grow towards financial independence.  This encourages a sense of dignity and accomplishment.

    Where do the proceeds go that are collected from our purchases?
    100% of the proceeds go back into the Christmas store.