The history of WoodsEdge spans over 20 years and several locations. As a church, we have grown deeper in community, relationship and authenticity over the last two decades as we have sought to love and serve Jesus with all that we are.

We moved to our current campus in 2008 when God led us to a 67 acre piece of land just outside The Woodlands, Texas. While we are grateful for this blessing, we know that church is not about a nice building or a big campus. It's about worship, community, and sharing. It's about people. With that in mind, we simply consider our new campus as a base of operations for carrying out our vision to Love Jesus, Journey Together, and Bring Hope to the World.



WoodsEdge Community Church was established with its first worship service on November 7 at Sally K. Ride Elementary school in The Woodlands. Jeff Wells was the founding pastor.


Jeff and the leadership felt a strong challenge from God to pursue his specific thumbprint for WoodsEdge, instead of looking to duplicate the methods and models of another church. This challenge came from a senior leader of a large church WoodsEdge was looking to for guidance. This leader said, "if I was God, I would be upset that you were looking to this church for direction rather than looking to me." This focused our leadership to seek God first and foremost.


WoodsEdge began to grow and expanded to four full time staff including a full time worship pastor. Worship became a central priority for the church.



God began to impress the importance of WoodsEdge becoming of a house of prayer to the leadership. The midweek prayer service began to become the spiritual heart of the church, and prayer became a focus at every level of the church. Jeff took a mission trip to Istanbul, Turkey and was burdened with a heart for the nations. This too became front and center for the church, and began to increase our ministry outside the walls of the church.


WoodsEdge moved into its own campus for the first time, at the corner of WoodsEdge Parkway and Panther Creek Drive.


After sustained growth on multiple campuses, WoodsEdge moved into its current location on Gosling Drive. The move came just as the stock market crashed and caused financial strain.


After years of faithful generosity from the church, God miraculously eliminated millions of dollars worth of campus debt. As a result, our leadership fulfilled a vision that 50% of all giving would go to support ministries outside the walls of WoodsEdge.