How to Give

  1. MyWoodsEdge - For the most full featured giving option, set up a login through “MyWoodsEdge”. In addition to being able to give, you will have access to other resources such as event registrations and the ability to view your giving history.   You have the choice of making recurring or one time gifts, and payment can be completed using either a credit card or directly debiting your bank account.  (Please see the additional information provided in the Giving menu if you need help setting up MyWoodsEdge).  

  2. Give Now - Click “Give Now” to go directly into our online giving without having to log in.  If you have a login to MyWoodsEdge it may prompt you to login but you are in a hurry, you don’t have to. 

  3. PushPay Mobile App - Use your smart phone to do quick and easy giving from anywhere! Just text the word woodsedge to 77977 and follow the prompts.  Include your cell phone number during the donation process and it will send you a follow-up text on how to download the PushPay App to make future giving even easier!

  4. Cash or Check – Some prefer the physical act of placing their gift in the offering boxes during a worship service. Cash can be placed in envelopes available at our information desk. If you miss a service, you can mail your check or bring it by the office during the week. You can also use bill-pay through your bank account to set up recurring donations!

  5. Stock and Mutual Funds - Donating securities that have appreciated in value is a tax smart way to give as you get a deduction for the appreciated value of the security but don’t have to pay capital gains. Please contact the finance office for more information on what is required to give this way.

  6. Trusts and/or Wills - Please consider WoodsEdge in your estate planning. In addition to blessing your heirs, consider how you can give a gift that would be a blessing to WoodsEdge.

Note:  Whenever there is an option between using a credit card or direct debiting your bank account, consider giving through your bank account to help us avoid the extra fees associated with accepting credit cards.