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WINGS helps incarcerated women discover
and embrace their identity in Christ.


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Did you Know? 

  • Women are the fastest growing group within pre-trial and incarcerated populations.  They are most often the lowest-level and non-violent tier of offenders as well. 

  • A key component for an individual’s success upon release from recovery or transitional housing program is a thorough knowledge and application of work/life skills education.  This training is best provided while still in a safe space of recovery and transition.

  • Researchers found that inmates who participate in correctional education programs have 43 percent lower odds of returning to prison than those who do not. (translating to a reduction in the risk of recidivating of 13 percentage points) , according to a RAND Corporation report.

  • We know that if we can increase the odds for the women we serve to become contributing members of society, it will also benefit their families and our communities as they move back into society and become our neighbors!

  • WINGS is a faith-based program that helps at-risk and marginalized women discover and embrace their true identity in Jesus Christ while teaching work/life skills in 7 modules over 8 weeks. What makes WINGS different than most other programs is that we actually GO INTO the prisons, jails, and rehab facilities to teach, where most other programs require the client to come to them. We teach them how to fill out job applications, create resumes, interview for jobs, manage money, dress for success and most importantly, fill their minds and hearts with who GOD says they are, rather than the lies they may have been believing in the past.

  • Because the majority of women we serve are at “high-risk” of abuse and predation upon release, WINGS also provides anti-human trafficking/commercial sex-trafficking awareness and education training to break this cycle of abuse for them, their children, families and communities.

 If you have a passion for assisting women transform their lives through faith, education and encouragement, contact WINGS Ministries to learn more!