WoodsEdge Community Church believes we are called to equip the next generation of pastors, missionaries, and church planters by investing our time, talents, and treasure in them. Just as a doctor receives hands-on, meaningful training in a clinical residency, we want to deploy pastors, missionaries, and church planters with both biblical and practical ministry training.  

Residents are full-fledged, full-time staff members during their one-year residency, with an "attending" pastor in a ministry focus. 

Class time and one-on-one mentorship are a vital part of the development process and are coordinated by the Residency Director.

Residents learn as a cohort and attend retreats, conferences, and mission trips together. 




Spiritual Formation
Philosophy of Ministry Lunch


Staff Prayer
Staff Rotations


Bible Study Methods
Old Testament/New Testament 
Strategy Leadership
Core Theology 


Staff Rotations




Applications for WE|Residency are closed for 2020-2021, but will open for 2021-2022 soon. Applications are processed as they are received. The application will remain open until March 1 or until all Residency positions are filled. 


What is the time commitment of the residency?

The WoodsEdge Institute Residency is a full-time program, requiring 30 hours a week under the supervision of an Attending Pastor and 10 hours with the Residency Director.

Can I work another job during my residency?

We strongly discourage any resident from any kind of work outside of the residency itself, primarily because the principal purpose of the residency is to provide focused training and experience into future full-time vocational ministry.

Is the residency a paid position?

The WoodsEdge Institute Residency is a paid staff position.  Year-to -ear, the method and the amount may change depending on the number of residents and the ministry budget.  Unlike most residencies, WoodsEdge is committed to providing at least part (often full) salary and benefits.  Incoming residents will be notified prior to their acceptance if they will need to raise a portion of their salary.

Will I receive mentorship?

Every resident spends significant time in one-on-one mentorship with pastors, lay leaders, and ministry directors.  The priority of the residency is discipleship, even above professional development. 

Does the residency provide housing?

Currently, the WoodsEdge Institute Residency does not provide housing for residents.  We do encourage, however, that residents find ways to live in community together.

Can I earn seminary credits for my class time: 

Currently, residents do not earn advanced standing credits for their class time.  We are big believers in seminary, however, and we work in partnership with seminaries to prepare students for course-by-course advanced credit exams prior to entering seminary.  If you are a seminary student, you are eligible to earn hours towards your ministry experience program requirements.  

Where can I apply?


Candidates will need to complete a two-step application: First the program application for the residency itself, and then the formal employment application.  There will also be a two-part interview process: one interview with the Residency Director and one with the Attending Pastor.