Services will now be held at 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. in person and online through
Online Church, Facebook Live, and Youtube. 

As we seek the Lord for guidance, we have two options available regarding masks:

Masks Required – Masks will be required at both Sunday services in the Pavilion. Please wear your masks the entire time.

Masks Optional – Masks will be optional at Sunday services in the Worship Center.

Moving forward in these uncertain times, we have chosen as a church to see all of this through a biblical perspective. At WoodsEdge, we will Trust God and Love People, and we know God will use this virus for his glory and our good. 

The health and safety of our congregation are important to us. As we prayerfully make decisions going forward, you can find resources and updates here.

A series of videos where Jeff Wells shares his heart.

See Videos Here

How we can help you!

In the wake of the coronavirus, we understand that families and individuals are struggling in various ways. We want to walk alongside you and provide you with some resources that you can utilize in this season.


We count it a privilege to partner with you in prayer.  


In the midst of this season, as we practice social distancing, it can be easy to begin feeling isolated. Even amidst COVID-19, you do not have to journey alone. re:generation is discipleship through recovery, and all are welcome. For the time being, re:generation is meeting virtually on Zoom. For more information about re:gen, or to learn more about how we are currently meeting, please visit

Weekly discipleship resources for Preschool - 6th Grade. (CLICK ICON BELOW)


How do we pray in regards to the coronavirus? 

Lord, the world is faced with a pathogen that has brought the nations to their knees. It has shaken the economy, our jobs, our schools, and even our church meetings. But Lord, because we look to you, we will not be shaken. This day, we have embraced the new normal of uncertainty, and we are no longer off balance. We have shaken off fear and taken the posture that brings the healing grace of Jesus over us:

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14

Lord, we have been severely humbled by this calamity and we pray and seek your face. We repent of trusting things besides You, and we turn from wicked ways that keep us from living righteous lives. We ask that you send your healing grace over all who are afflicted with this dread disease and stop its spread. You are the LORD over all the earth, and you are able to destroy every menacing microbe that threatens to shake us In Jesus Sovereign and Holy Name, Amen.

How do we engage our Children? 

Children's Teaching Tools

Discipleship resources for your family to utilize during this time.
Click HERE 

How do we engage our students in grades 7-12?

Click HERE

How can I serve?

Download our Church App for ways to serve HERE

How long will the church be closed?

We are prayerfully taking the closing of the campus day-by-day.
As of right now, we will not be holding any services or ministry events.

What does the bible have to say about a crisis like this?

During unknown times like these, it is easy to sink into fear and panic. But we stand firm in our faith, knowing that God is the King. God is not shaken by the coronavirus. We are choosing to see this virus through a biblical lens, and that means we will Trust God. Love People. To view our message from Sunday on a biblical perspective of the virus, click below:


How can I give?

God asks us to give to the local church. During this time, if you have the ability to still give, you can give online. 


How can I stay connected? 

For more updates, you can connect with us on social media through Instagram and Facebook

How can I stay fit during this time?

Family.Fit and REFIT

There are two ways you and your family can stay physically fit during this time. The first is Family.Fit The second is REFIT. 

How can I work efficiently from home?

Read this article HERE

In this season, what if I have a hispanic friend?

If you know someone who speaks Spanish or is Hispanic, you can direct them to our Hispanic Ministry web page or their Facebook.

There are two ways you and your family can stay physically fit during this time. The first is Family.Fit The second is REFIT.