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Students | Ask The Ulmers 2019

Series: Ask The Ulmers

Category: Students

Speaker: Justin & Brooke Ulmer

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In this latest edition of our recurring series, Ask The Ulmer's, Brooke & Justin Ulmer answer the top fourteen questions students have about sex and dating.

QUESTION 1:  How do you know when it’s the right time to start dating? How do you know when “God’s timing” is?  What are some things to look for?  (Minute 3:10)

QUESTION 2:  Do you believe there’s a “right” person out there for me?  (Minute 7:31)

QUESTION 3:  Was it hard waiting to find “the one”?  (Minute 9:27)

QUESTION 4:  What’s the purpose of dating?  (Minute 12:40)

QUESTION 5:  It seems like everyone has a girlfriend…Why not me?  (Minute 14:04)

QUESTION 5:  How do you tell your parents that you’re dating someone/interested in dating?  (Minute 15:36)

QUESTION 6:  How far is too far physically?  (Minute 17:51)

QUESTION 7:  If we’re gonna get married anyway, what’s the harm in having sex now?  (Minute 19:41)

QUESTION 8:  Why do people tell me that the way to make your boyfriend/girlfriend happy is to just give them what they want?  (Minute 21:55)

QUESTION 9:  Why do they make me feel like I’m wrong when I say no?  (Minute 21:55)

QUESTION 10:  Will my marriage be ruined if I look at porn?  (Minute 24:25)

QUESTION 11:  Why is it important and how do you pray for God to restore your virginity if you’ve lost your purity?  (Minute 28:37)

QUESTION 12:  How do you know if you’re in love?  (Minute 33:09)

QUESTION 13:  How do you keep your relationship
focused on God?  (Minute 34:51)

QUESTION 14:  How do you get over someone you like
and focus on God more?  (Minute 37:55)

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