Love Jesus

“ I want to love Jesus like he has never been loved before.  

Mother Teresa

Wherever we are in our journey with God, whether we have just come to faith of have been following Jesus for many years, we can always grow in our intimacy with Jesus. We do this by receiving his overwhelming love for us. When we walk through pain or disappointment, we can begin to doubt God’s goodness and see him through the lens of our experiences. At WoodsEdge, we have learned that the more we grow in our love relationship with Jesus, the more we are able to love others well. Below are some tangible ways you can begin to love Jesus more.

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Our desire is to be known as a house of prayer, where prayer is seen as the real work and people throughout the community recognize this as a place to come to for prayer.

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Baptism is an exciting opportunity to publicly celebrate your faith in Christ, follow Christ’s example, and obey Christ’s teaching.