Storytelling is a powerful ministry of the Gospel that reminds us of who God is and what He can do.  Stories remind us that God is a good Father and a great Redeemer. They remind us that He's able to transform any situation.

Stories remind us that God is at work, and that He's working right here, right now. When we hear someone's story it increases our faith. We're reminded that God is healing people and restoring marriages and bringing people to a saving faith in Him, all around us.

Stories also draw us together. They show faith from a human perspective, faith that's unfolding and unfinished, messy and unpredictable. They remind us that, whatever we face, we're not alone.

The WoodsEdge Story Team has a growing collection of stories that we're excited to share with you on this page - films, written stories and spoken audio stories. We're excited to share these with you because we believe that stories matter. And we can't wait to see how God uses these for His glory.



The Millers Story

When the Miller's lost their daughter in a tragic accident, they had to ask the question: Is God still good in our darkest hour? If you or someone you know has lost a child, connect with Hope Family Care Ministries as they walk with families...

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