Journey Together

At WoodsEdge there is something contagious about living in a genuine community, where we accept one another in spite of our flaws. No one has their act together and we do not pretend that we are perfect, as we band together in groups to share life. We have all kinds of groups – home groups, men’s groups, women’s groups, Sunday morning groups, serving groups, singles groups, student groups, and more. Home groups meet all over the region and all kinds of groups meet on campus almost continually. We know that life is better together and it is rare for a WoodsEdger not to belong to a group. Life is richer because we journey together, serving and being served, loving and being loved, knowing and being known. Our aim is to create nothing less than a community filled with love, acceptance, and forgiveness.

Groups at WoodsEdge

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Wednesday Prayer Service 7 PM

Children's programs for Birth - 5th Grade. Our 7th through 12th grade meet in the Student Building.

A weekly time to connect with God and be refreshed and renewed as he pours out his Spirit upon us.  A room filled with expectant people, passionate worship, powerful intercession, answered prayers and an unexplainable sense of God's presence.

Individual prayer & prayer groups - 6:15 PM

Elders and Prayer Partners available. The Edge, Sanctity of Life, Care Leaders, Orphan & Foster Care, Hispanic Ministry, & Missional Life.
Contact Marsha at  for more information on prayer groups and other prayer opportunities.


Sunday Morning Classes are places for you to grow through Bible study groups that engage people in disciple-making and connection. These are ongoing classes, available to all adults, and you are welcome to join at any time.


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