Sunday Morning Classes

Sunday Morning Classes are places for you to grow through Bible study groups that engage people in disciple-making and connection. These are ongoing classes, available to all adults, and you are welcome to join at any time.



Kingdom Life-Will Resume January 20th, 2019

Sunday, 9:45 am, Portable 4

Join us Sunday, January 20th for an informational kick off meeting for Kingdom Life. Breakfast tacos and pastries will be provided.

This will be a 12 week class titled “Love your neighbor.” We will hear from different guest speakers and ministries on meeting people where they are at from different religions, backgrounds, and areas of life. This class is mission minded, and will have opportunities to reach out into the local and international community. Come join us!

Perceptions & Transformations-Will Begin Jan. 20th, 2019

Sunday, 11:30 am, Portable 5, Room 1

A brief journey through Scriptures as we explore how God transforms our mind and our life, challenging what we think we know and calling us to places of discomfort and uncertainty.


WE Believe-Will Resume Jan. 20th, 2019

Sunday, 8:15 am, Portable 5, Room 1

 What are the foundational truths of the Christian faith and where do we find them in Scripture? This class explores in depth, the twelve major doctrines of Scripture. You’ll gain an appreciation of these truths and specific applications for your life and ministry.  This class meets at 8:15am in Portable 5.

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Financial Peace-Begins Jan. 20th, 2019

Sunday, 11:30 am, Portable 4

Financial Peace University will help you take control of your money, plan for your future, and transform your life.

Faith (in a sometimes) Hostile World-Begins Jan. 20th, 2019

Sunday, 11:30 am, Portable 8

By examining the cultural strategies and beliefs of different groups within early Judaism and the first century church, the discussion-based class provides a lens through which participants can explore how to best live for Christ in our own time.

Young Marrieds Class-Will Resume Jan. 6th, 2019

Sunday, 9:45 am, Portable 6, Room 3

Journey together with other young couples to help navigate how to love and communicate with your spouse in a way that is constructive and Christ-honoring. We will go through Christ-centered marriage curriculum and hold discussions based on the weekly topics. Whether you’re engaged, have been married for a few years, or are just starting a family, the purpose of this class is to grow in community to learn how to love our spouse as Christ loves the church. From this class we will form home-church groups. Please contact us for more information.


Transformed Living-Will Resume Jan. 20th, 2019

Sunday, 11:30 am, Portable 6, Room 1

How do I grow? What does a spiritually mature person look like? Where am I in the 'growth process'? Is there only one 'path' towards spiritual maturity or many? Please join us as we explore these topics and many more on our way to developing closer friendships and, ultimately, towards Transformed Living. This class is open to everyone and can be joined at anytime.

Orphan Care-Will Resume Jan. 20th, 2019

Sunday, 11:30 am, Portable 5, Room 3

Join us as we support foster families, adoptive families, or anyone with a heart for orphans. This community will serve as a front-line group of friends and supporters, walking out this calling together. We spend time encouraging and equipping one another, gaining insight, resources and fellowship.

L.I.F.T.- Ladies in Fellowship Together-Will Resume Jan. 20th, 2019

Sunday, 9:45 am, Portable 6, Room 2

Are you wanting to connect with other women at WoodsEdge primarily on a Sunday? Then we would love for you to join us! Women of all ages and stages of life are welcome. Our desire is that the Word of God and His Holy Spirit empowers us to live victorious lives. Come build relationships with us as we study the word of God together, using a video based Bible study and discussion groups. Our hope is that you will be challenged, inspired and encouraged, so join us and be a part of something transformational.


Fundamentos Cristianos-Will Resume Jan. 20th, 2019

Sunday, 9:45 am, Portable 6, Room 1

Las verdades basicas del cristianismo.

Marriage & Parenting-Will resume Jan. 20th 2019

Sunday, 9:45 am, Portable 5, Room 3

This marriage class focuses on equipping couples to navigate the issues of marriage and parenthood through a Biblical perspective as well as building community and support for one another through prayer and discussion.

Closer Look-Will Resume Jan. 20th, 2019

Sunday, 9:45 am, Portable 5

This class, is broken down into three parts and reflects the three facets of WoodsEdge’s Mission: Love Jesus, Journey Together and Bring Hope to the World. During the first part of the class we dig a little deeper into Jeff's sermons from the previous Sunday. We gain understanding and uncover nuggets of insight that help to amplify the impact of the message. After that we spend time in an in-depth, verse by verse, study of the Book of Acts to pursue a biblical view of how to live life day to day. Lastly we turn our hearts and eyes outward by hearing from and interacting with our WoodsEdge ministry partners. God’s heart is for the nations and we all have a part to do by being and building the Body of Christ. This class will challenge and encourage you to do just that.

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality-Begins Jan. 20th 2019

Sunday, 9:45 am, Portable 8

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality [EHS]
Starts Jan 20, 9:45am – 11:15 am, Portable 8

o Beneath-the-surface emotional health added to your relationship with God
o Engaging biblical teaching from WoodsEdge leaders and videos of author Peter Scazzero
o Developing relationships around your table to journey together
o Practicing some spiritual disciplines in class
o Thought provoking and practical resources.

Suggested donation for 3 books: $25
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