Walk in Obedience

A disciple is a fully devoted follower of Christ.

The life of a disciple is defined not by our knowledge of God’s word but by our willingness to be obedient to him. As followers of Jesus we are called to hear God’s word and obey it. As you seek to take a next step of obedience, we count it a privilege to walk with you on your journey of discipleship.

Serving is an expression of obedience and selflessness. It takes our eyes off of our own needs and focuses them on the needs of others. Serving is an act of worship, recognizing that God has uniquely gifted you with talents that can be used to demonstrate God's love to others around you. That is why we encourage each believer to find a place to volunteer in the church and find a local serving opportunity.

Giving is also an expression of obedience. God calls us to give a tithe (or first ten percent) of our income back to him. In doing this, we recognize that he is the source of everything we have. He has called us to steward the resources he has given us. This call of generosity, giving from the overflow of our hearts, is central to the life of a disciple.


At WoodsEdge we long to be a great house of prayer.  We believe prayer is a heartfelt  conversation between God and his people. In our pursuit of God, we desire to maintain a balance of honoring the word of God and an openness to the Holy Spirit.

PRAYER ministry

Sydney demonstrates a beautiful example of what its means to be obedient to God...


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