Sunday Morning Classes

Sunday Morning Classes are places for you to grow through Bible study groups that engage people in disciple-making and connection. These are ongoing classes, available to all adults, and you are welcome to join at any time.
All Sunday morning classes will kick off for the fall semester beginning september 8th unless stated otherwise in the DESCRIPTION. 


WE Serve

Sunday, 11:30 am, Portable 5, Room 3

3rd Sunday of Every Month

A gathering to help you discover how God has gifted and wired you and help you find a place to serve at WoodsEdge.

Register for any of the dates below: 

For more information contact Gina Rollins at

Being a Single Christian (30-50ish) in Today's World

Sunday, 11:30 am, Portable 8, Room 2

Many do not understand, nor can they relate to,  what it is like being a single Christian, especially in today’s society.  During this life stage it can be isolating and sometimes confusing on what God has planned for us.

In this class, we will look at ways on how to handle temptations, how to navigate through single parenting, how to set healthy boundaries, and how to heal from past relationships, etc.  We will explore how to let go of our plan and focus on God’s plan.
Meets in Portable 8, Room 2 on Sunday Mornings at 11:30am.
Contact Stephanie Bybee at  for more information! 

Orphan Care

Sunday, 11:30 am, Portable 5, Room 3

Portable 4, Room 2

Join us as we support foster families, adoptive families, or anyone with a heart for orphans. This community will serve as a front-line group of friends and supporters, walking out this calling together. We spend time encouraging and equipping one another, gaining insight, resources and fellowship.

For more information contact Michele Nuckolls at 

Young Marrieds Class

Sunday, 9:45 am, Portable 6, Room 3

Journey together with other young couples to help navigate how to love and communicate with your spouse in a way that is constructive and Christ-honoring. We will go through Christ-centered marriage curriculum and hold discussions based on the weekly topics. Whether you’re engaged, have been married for a few years, or are just starting a family, the purpose of this class is to grow in community to learn how to love our spouse as Christ loves the church. From this class we will form home-church groups.

For more information contact Zach Rogers at   

Women: Our Journey Together

Sunday, 9:45 am, Portable 6, Room 2

Women of all ages and life stages connecting every Sunday at to support and encourage each other on our journey for growth and healing through God’s Word.

For more information contact Denise Ginn at 

Closer Look

Sunday, 9:45 am, Portable 5

This class, is broken down into three parts and reflects the three facets of WoodsEdge’s Mission: Love Jesus, Journey Together and Bring Hope to the World. During the first part of the class we dig a little deeper into Jeff's sermon from the previous Sunday. We gain understanding and uncover nuggets of insight that help to amplify the impact of the message. After that we spend time in an in-depth, verse by verse, study of the Book of Acts to pursue a biblical view of how to live life day to day. Lastly we turn our hearts and eyes outward by hearing from and interacting with our WoodsEdge ministry partners. God’s heart is for the nations and we all have a part to do by being and building the Body of Christ. 

For more information contact Larry Allbritton at

Marriage & Parenting

Sunday, 9:45 am, Portable 5, Room 3

This marriage class focuses on equipping couples to navigate the issues of marriage and parenthood through a Biblical perspective as well as building community and support for one another through prayer and discussion.

For more information contact Ron Thompson at 

Merge | Premarital Class

Sunday, 11:15 am, Portable 5

Merge is designed to give seriously dating, engaged and newly married couples a unique opportunity to learn, seek wisdom, and receive counsel about marriage in a safe, fun, challenging and authentic environment.
This class is Twogether In Texas Certified

  • 8 Week Class.
  • Starts Sunday, September 15.
  • 11:15am – 12:45pm
  • Portable 5
  • $25 a person ($50 a Couple)

CLICK HERE to register both you and your spouse! 
For more information contact Lauren Kelley at .

WE Journey

Sunday, 11:30 am, Portable 5, Room 3

 2nd Sunday of Every Month

After attending the We Journey class you will have a better understanding of:

  • The compelling Vision for journeying together in a Journey Group.
  • The concise Purpose of all WoodsEdge Journey Groups.
  • The clear Mission of being a part of one.

For more information contact Joe Lanzillotti at

WE Believe

Sunday, 11:30 am, Portable 5, Room 1

1st Sunday of Every Month

Focusing on the fundamental beliefs of WoodsEdge Community Church regarding the major Bible doctrines of scripture.

For more information contact Larry Allbritton at 

Our Journey

Sunday, 11:30 am, Portable 8, Room 1

Discover your personal identity in Christ and discover where God has uniquely gifted you. What does it mean to be a World Changer, a Kingdom Worker and a Servant Leader for Christ? Discover your strengths, build character, boldness, integrity and learn where you can best serve the Kingdom. Listen and learn from other Christian leaders, develop a God’s will plan, create your own personal mission and vision statement. Put into action a life plan where you serve others, spread the gospel, disciple others, and help grow ministries that will change the world.

For more information contact Warren Rumpel at

WE Begin

Sunday, 11:30 am, Portable 5, Room 3

4th Sunday of Every Month

This class is designed for new believers who have just come to Christ that may have the following questions: What have I just experienced? How can I go forward and live my life for God every day at home, my job, my school, etc. During this class we search together to answer those and any other questions that a new believer may have. 

For more information contact Larry Allbritton at

Kingdom Life

Sunday, 9:45 am, Portable 4

This class focuses on prayer for the nations and stories from the mission field. We will also dedicate time to training in missions and outreach for different communities throughout semester.

For more information contact Hayley Martin at 

Experiencing the Victorious Christian Life

Sunday, 11:30 am, Portable 4, Room 3

The core of this class will focus on taking a deeper look into some of the main biblical truths of the Christian experience. Leaders will seek to combine both revelation and practical application, that will enable followers of Christ to energize their faith and empower them to walk a more victorious and deeper journey with Jesus. Both growing and mature Christians will find benefit in this class. 

For more information contact David Curle at   

Ordinary or Extraordinary

Sunday, 11:30 am, Portable 6, Room 3

Some of us were born with recognized purposes. Others are still searching. Come discover how God designed you for a purpose in this life.

For more information contact Raymond Bennett at  . 

Confident Christianity

Sunday, 11:30 am, Portable 4, Room 1

Got questions about your faith? Those around you certainly do. Do you want to be the “go to” person that is confident and relaxed in expressing why belief in God makes sense. Surveys show 75% of American young people are walking away from their faith because of unanswered doubts. Every week you’ll get new tools to become confident and equipped to engage with others in a way that’s attractive to doubting believers, youth, skeptics, and atheists.

For more information contact Bruce Verduyn at  .

52 Great Verses

Sunday, 8:15 am, Portable 5, Room 1

The 52 Great Verses class will focus on memorizing Pastor Jeff Wells’ 52 Great Verses. Our goal will be to memorize each verse as well as study their importance and relevance to our lives. 

For more information please contact Andre Broussard at   

Transformed Living

Sunday, 11:30 am, Portable 6, Room 1

How do I grow? What does a spiritually mature person look like? Where am I in the growth process? Is there only one path towards spiritual maturity or many? This class is open to everyone and can be joined at anytime.

If you would like more information please contact Dan Williams at