Select a Team

Lead Team

Jeff Wells

Lead Pastor & Elder

Colin Bates

Executive Pastor of Worship

John Herrington

Executive Pastor of Missions & Church Planting

Michael Sanson

Executive Pastor of Ministries

Paul Willis

Executive Pastor of Operations

Adult Ministries


Leah Claxton

Early Childhood Programming Director

Amy Creel

Elementary Programming Director

Cori Davidson

Children's Volunteer & Communications Coordinator

Dawson Hunt

Leadership Development Resident

Hannah Hunt

Fifty6 Administrative Assistant

Holly Jasso

Elementary Coordinator

Nancy Miller

Welcome & Elementary Administrator

Cindy Platt

Early Childhood Pastor

Jody Shannon

Children's Ministry Administrative Assistant

Amy Yow

Early Childhood Sunday Coordinator


Phillip Kwon

Leadership Development Pastor

Candace McArthur

Executive Assistant to Church Planting


Jessica Fraser

Communications Director

Bailey Sanchez

Digital Media Coordinator

Chris Willis

Communications Coordinator

Hispanic Ministry

KidsEdge (Pre-School)

Janna Ellen

Preschool & Childcare Director

Mandy Sand

Assistant Director & Childcare Administrative Assistant

Missional Life and Discipleship Movements

Guy Caskey

Disciple-Making Movements Pastor

Stephanie Ryan

Associate Pastor of Missional Life

Emery Bastidas

Disciple-Making Movements Associate Pastor

Edith Eb

Threads of Nissi Program Manager

Linsey Kunes

Short Term Trip Coordinator

Hayley Martin

Director of Women & Children at Risk

Falyn Matsudaira

Director of Immigrant & Refugee Ministries

Jeff Swenson

Disciple-Making Movements Associate Pastor

Marsha Tribe

Executive Assistant To John Herrington


Glena Siebert

Executive Assistant to Jeff Wells

Caryn Batson

Receptionist & Operations Administrative Assistant

Janet Harris

Assistant Operations Director

Sara Kehrer

Human Resources Director

Bradley Kovach

Facilities Maintenance Technician

Susi Rake

Payroll & AP Specialist

Phillip Williams

Assistant Facilities Director

Prayer and Care

Carol Ham

Prayer & Care Pastor

Sarah Herzog

Prayer & Care Ministry Coordinator

Jay Myers

Associate Care Pastor

Konnie Nelson

Prayer & Care Ministry Coordinator

Special Needs (JoyBridge)

Arielle Lewis

Special Needs Director

Dionne McCloud

Special Needs Coordinator


Kalen Houck

Associate Student Pastor

Javi Rais

Leadership Development Resident

Jack Sharp

Media and Tech Coordinator

Jocalynn Soliz

Leadership Development Resident

Brooke Ulmer

Girls Student Director


Ryan Cecil

Worship & Tech Associate

Joel Mathew

Worship Ministry Administrative Assistant

Ron Melwani

Assistant Technical Director

Esther Mickan

Leadership Development Resident

Dwight Theaker

Worship & Tech Associate