Mission and Vision


This is our mission: Love Jesus, Journey Together, Bring Hope. This means that we focus on the Great Commandments and the Great Commission,  we focus on love: Loving God, Loving each other, Loving the world. This is our calling; this is our mission, this is why we exist.  

  • Love Jesus

    There is an enormous passion for Jesus at WoodsEdge. In fact, loving Jesus is the main thing in our church. We aim to love Jesus as he has never been loved before. We feel so overwhelmingly loved by God that we want to love him back and pursue him with everything we’ve got. Each of us meets with God daily in unhurried prayer and Bible reading. Our Wednesday night prayer service is electric with God’s presence and packed with people pursuing God. We wholeheartedly worship him. We gladly obey him. We generously give back to him with our time, talents and money. The people of WoodsEdge – children, teens, and adults – live in the unfettered freedom of a love relationship with Jesus. 

  • Journey together

    At WoodsEdge there is something contagious about living in a genuine community, where we accept one another in spite of our flaws. No one has their act together, and we do not pretend that we are perfect, as we band together in groups to share life. We have all kinds of groups – home groups, men’s groups, women’s groups, Sunday morning groups, serving groups, singles groups, student groups, and more. Home groups meet all over the region, and all kinds of groups meet on campus almost continually. We know that life is better together and it is rare for a WoodsEdger not to belong to a group. Life is richer because we journey together, serving and being served, loving and being loved, knowing and being known. We aim to create nothing less than a community filled with love, acceptance, and forgiveness.

  • bring hope to the world

    WoodsEdge exists not only for those inside the church but also for those outside the church. We know that Jesus cares about lost and hurting people, and we care about them too. We do everything we can to bring the love and grace of Jesus to people – people across the street and people around the world. In our community, WoodsEdge is known for the thousands of people who reach out to people in need and families in crisis. Many who want to change their world join us in these efforts, and receive Christ in the process. We are vitally engaged in our city of Houston and in other countries where God has called us. We reach out to people with good news and good deeds, justice and compassion. We prioritize the Great Commission of Jesus, making disciples who make disciples, by leading people to Christ and helping them grow in Christ.



We have a four-fold vision: Everyone at WoodsEdge Disciples, Disciple Making Movements // 5 Local, 5 International, A Culture of Ongoing Revival, and that Houston is Known as a City of God. Click the drop downs and learn what each of those means to WoodsEdge.   

  • Everyone at WoodsEdge Disciples

    We are disciples making disciples. Last words are important. Jesus last words are even more important. He releases believers with his authority to make disciples. Not just clergy but all believers. We want to be obedient as this shows our love for God. This is foundational for the rest of the vision God has given us.

  • Disciple Making Movements // 5 Local, 5 International

    We want to see rapidly multiplying movements of disciples; in groups and in-house churches. The Father’s heart is not just for his glory to cover the earth, but for the knowledge of his glory to cover the earth (Habakkuk 2:14). Right now, we are not even keeping up with population growth. Multiplication of disciples, churches and leaders, i.e. movements, are reversing that trend in many places on the earth and the number of movements is increasing. We want to be catalyzers of movements.
    What is a movement?
    How do we know when we have a movement?  When we reach a minimum of 4 generations of new disciples in 3 different streams (geographic or culturally diverse groups) a movement has technically begun.  Existing believers or churches are always termed generation zero.  The first group of new believers that starts with Generation zero is generation 1.  When Generation 1 spawns a group of new believers, that becomes generation 2 and so forth until the 4th generation begins.  For clarification, these groups multiply rapidly because their DNA is strong in evangelism and disciple-making from the beginning.  Discipleship is a slow process, but the numbers of new disciples can multiply rapidly.

  • A Culture of Ongoing Revival

    We see lives, churches, and communities continually transformed as God pours out His Spirit upon us. When disciples begin to multiply, revival naturally follows. Transformation is not the focus, but rather the outcome of lives submitted in obedience to the Lord and empowered by the Spirit. Disciples break out of the four walls of their churches to take Jesus to their communities, demonstrating through unity and sacrifice that Jesus is truly Lord of their lives.

  • Houston Known as a City of God

    Because of the passionate love for God and people, we are known as A City of God. We’re asking God to answer the prayer that Jesus taught us – “your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” Jesus did not teach us a prayer that God had no intention of answering. What does a city of God look like? Dramatic reduction in or complete disappearance of divorce, alcoholism, suicide, racial tension, materialism, abortion, and human trafficking. Every foster child in the city adopted by a loving family. People coming to Christ daily, healings left and right. Ultimately, God is receiving the worship He deserves!